Poem/Short Story Submission Guidelines

Send us your short story or poem! To be considered for publication, please follow these guidelines:

1. Poem Lines: 5 to 14 lines, Story Words: 250 to 500
2. Must not email as an attached file. Type submission in the main body of the email.
3. Font Pitch: 12 pitch Font: Times New Roman
4. Topics: The Most High, spirituality, the prophets, righteousness, religion, nature, love, family, animals, good deeds, and following the laws of The Most High.
5. Not allowed: profanity, nudity, offensive language.
6. Picture: One picture allowed, but is optional.
7. Email: unitytrue@gmail.com Email Subject: “Poem” or “Story” (put topic in parenthesis, i.e. Poem (righteousness).

*No submissions will be returned. Do not contact us asking if your submission will be published. All copyrights are owned by the author. Unity True reserves the right to not accept or publish any entry for any reason without explanation or obligation. Submissions are not for pay.

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