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Got something of religious interest to share? Let us know what’s up! Contact us:

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(in the subject line, please describe the type of info you are sending i.e.: Article, CD Review, Poetry, Short Story, or Artistic Talent)

General Info:

When submitting materials for any topic below, all of your work must be original. Your materials must be positive, interesting, funny, religious/spiritual, inspiring or wholesome in nature. No inappropriate work will be accepted.  All materials must be sent to the above email as an MS Word file attachment. All pictures should have a .jpg file extension. News Report reserves the right to edit all information for respectability, grammar, and length as articles can only consist of up to 2500 words.  If you do not indicate your name, it will not be published. If your name is indicated, both your first and last name will be included as the artist/writer unless otherwise specified.  There is no pay for submissions. No submissions will be returned.

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CD Reviews:

Email an mp3 file of 3 original songs.The lyric subject matter must be inspirational, religious/spiritual, or wholesome in nature. Include a bio, List song titles, names of band members, a .jpg picture of your band or you as the artist, and an optional video.  All genres accepted as long as the songs are spiritual/religious. Please copyright your work before sending. No information will be returned.

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Poetry/Short Stories:

Your writing must be original. The subject matter must be inspirational, religious/spiritual, or wholesome in nature. Poems must be no more than 650 words in length. Short stories must be no more than 2,500 words in length. Please copyright your work before emailing.

"Send in the Clown", a "Pen & I...

Artistic Talent:

Do you have a special talent? Send us a sample of what you can do (i.e., singing, dancing, sewing, designing, drawing, painting, etc). The subject matter must be inspirational, religious/spiritual, or wholesome in nature. Your work must be original and copyrighted.

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Before submitting any material to News Report, note that no materials will be returned.  All copyrights are the ownership of the person sending the original material.

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