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What is Unity True?

Unity True is a fun interfaith social site helping people of every faith connect all over the world to:
Post your business URL, music, videos & pictures.
Text, audio, video, and club chat.
Create an auction store to sell items.
Find and post jobs in classified ads & much more!

How Do I Get Started with Unity True?

First, click the "Join" button on the Unity True homepage and complete your profile. Then, invite more friends to join Unity True, create a group of your friends and you'll be on your way to connecting your personal network.

How Does Unity True work?

Once you've registered with Unity True, you'll invite people you know to join your social or business network. Your friends will come to Unity True and invite their friends. As your network grows, you'll have more opportunities to interact easily with everyone you know, make new acquaintances, and use the network's collective knowledge to enrich your life. Social networks are the heart and soul of Unity True; the larger they are, the more powerful they become. Best of all, everyone in your network has been invited, approved, and recommended by someone else inside your social circle.

How is My Privacy Protected?

Unity True does not sell the information we collect from our users to third-party companies, and we never will. Your privacy is more important to us than collecting any unlawful monies. One of our core values is that our members create and control their connections as well as their personal information. Once you join Unity True, you'll decide exactly what others can learn about you by creating and editing your profile. You determine if you want areas of your profile to be private or public. For more information on how Unity True values your right to control your personal data, please read our privacy policy

How do I Invite My Friends to Use Unity True?

When you click the "Join" button from the Unity True homepage, you will be given an opportunity to upload your email contacts to invite your friends to Unity True. If you have already joined:
1. Click the "Profile" tab on the top menu.
2. Click the "My Network" link on the right menu
3. Click the "My Invitations" sub tab on the top page. Here, you can type in your friends' emails to invite them to Unity True.

What is a Unity Friend?

A Unity friend is someone who has accepted your friendship and is a part of your network.

What is My Network?

Your network consists of your one Unity friends: people 2 Unity's or closer (friends of your friends), and people 3 Unity's or closer (people who know friends of your friends). Your personal network on Unity True will connect you with people as far as 4 Unity's away from you. The larger your network becomes the more useful and fun it will be. keep growing your network and you'll have access to more classifieds, messages, clubs and events.

Add a Picture to Profile

1. Click the “Add More Pictures” link on your profile.
2. Scroll down the next page and upload a photo from your computer.
3. Check the “Add Photo to Profile” box.
4. Click the “Back to Profile” link to see your photo on your profile page.
5. To remove a photo on your profile, uncheck the “Add Photo to Profile” box for that particular photo. You may then check this same box to select another photo to upload instead.

Advanced Search

1. Click "Search" on the top menu bar.
2. Click "Members Advanced" on the second menu bar.


An advertisement on the Chat tab pages may either be a banner ad at the top of the page, or an advertisement seen in between text chats made in the chat rooms. This advertisement is found by clicking the Chat tab. An advertisement for eCards may be found in the upper left corner of the eCards tab pages. Please send an inquiry email with either the words "Chat Advertisement" or "eCards Advertisement" in the email subject line and send the email to


If you are a first time user of the Unity True Auctions page, either click "Register" at the top of the screen or click "Login" and fill out the registration information. After registering, you will receive an email from "Site Administrator" with subject " Unity True Confirm Registration". This email may arrive in your Spam folder. When selecting a country, you may have to refresh the screen before seeing the correct state choices. Please click "Help" on the footer for information on how to buy and sell auction items. You can even create a store to sell several items at once! Click the Help question mark in the upper right corner of the page for further assistance.


You may click on the "Bible" tab to read the scripture and research various Biblical topics.

Blogs (Create/Edit)

You can create a blog by clicking the "Blogs" tab and then "Create Blog". You can edit or delete your own blog by clicking the "Blogs" tab, "My Blogs", and then "Edit" or "Delete". If you click "Edit", you may edit the wording by changing the wording in the "Description" box. If you want to edit the video or pictures associated with the blog, scroll down this same page to the "Posts" and "Comments" section, find the video or picture and click "Edit" or "Delete".

Blogs (Insert Video/Photo URL)

Follow the same steps as in “Blog (Photo Embed Code)”, but instead of clicking the “Upload” tab, click the “Link” tab. Type or paste in the URL and click “Browse Server” button. Follow the remaining steps on the screen.

Blogs (Photos)

The only photos showing here are the photos that are also added to “My Photos”. To locate this, click “Profiles” then “My Photos”. You will not see photos from "Photo Embed Code" here.

Blogs (Photo Embed Code)

Once on your blog page, click “Add Blog Post” in right margin. Scroll to the bottom of the next page and click on the photo you want to embed from the “Photo embed code” box. To insert the “Photo embed code” photos into the “Post Message” box, just click and drag the photo image into the Message box.

Blogs (Message Box)

Internet Explorer:
Cut, copy, and paste work as you click on them. Depending on your browser settings, you may have to click “Allow Access” when prompted to activate these buttons.
Mozilla & Chrome:
Cut: On a PC use Ctrl + X to cut. On a MAC, use Command + X to cut.
Copy: On a PC use Ctrl + C to copy. On a MAC, use Command + C to copy.
Paste: Click the Paste icon. A box named “Paste” will be seen. Right click inside the “Paste” box and left click on the word “paste”, then click ok”. You will now see the word pasted inside the “Post Message” box.

Blog (Upload Photos)

You may upload photos from your computer to your blog. Click “Add Blog Post” in right margin. Click the “Post Message” icon called “Image”. Click the “Upload” tab. Click the “Browse” button to find the file on your computer. Click the “Send it to the server” button and wait for the file to fully upload. The “Image Properties” box will automatically be seen when the file is fully uploaded. The “Preview” area of this box will show the uploaded image. You may adjust the size of the file using “Width” and “Height” e tc. In the “Post Message” box, you will then see a blank box where your photo will be located. After clicking “Post”, you will then see the actual photo on the next screen.


A bulletin is a message posted to all of your friends at once. To post a bulletin, follow these steps:
1. Click the "Profile" tab.
2. Scroll down to the "My Bulletin Space" section at the bottom of the page.
3. Click the "View All" link in the lower right corner of the "My Bulletin Space" section.
4. Click the "Post Bulletin" link on the right side menu.
5. Type in a "Subject" and message.
6. Click the "Send" button.
Edit Uploaded Blog Photos:
You may edit a photo already uploaded from your computer to your blog by right clicking on the photo and clicking “Image Properties”.

Cancel Membership

1. Click the "Profile" tab at the top menu.
2. Click "Cancel" on the lower right side menu near "Upgrade Account".


The "Chat" tab is used to have either a private or group chat with other new Unity True friends. Switch chatrooms if you feel that a chatroom is crowded. You may also play games, send smilies, and upload files to share with your Unity True friends. You will find these icons near the Send button when posting a chat message.
Chat (Changing Chat Rooms):
Click "Chat" and login. Click the drop down arrow next to the house icon in the upper right corner to change to another chatroom.
Sharing Chat Files & Uploading Your Own Avatar:
It may take 1-2 minutes for the file to upload (larger files take longer so be patient). When the shared file is uploaded, it will automatically appear in the chat. When your uploaded avatar is uploaded, the "Upload Your Own Avatar" box will disappear, and the next message you type will show your newly uploaded avatar.

Classified Ad (Creating/Viewing Ad)

1. Click "Classified" tab on top menu.
2. Click "Create Classified Ad" on second menu.
To create a classified ad, click "Classified" and "Create Classified Ad". Click "Classified" and then "My Classified" to view or edit your own classified ad. To view classified ads in a particular country or state/region, click on the alphabet that starts with the letter of the country. You can then click on the country name and then the state/region of interest. Click "Browse Classifieds" to view all classifieds for all countries combined. Once on Paypal, you can click the "Change Payment Method" link at the bottom of the first Paypal page to change what bank account the funds will be withdrawn from. Unity True reserves the right to delete any classified ad which is posted in the wrong category or which is offensive in nature without notice or refund. Unity True reserves the right to change the pricing of any classified ad without notice.
Classified Ad (Add/Edit More Pictures): Once on your own classified ad, click the "Add/Edit More Pictures" link, look under the "Photos" section and click the "Edit" link. If the picture you want to add to your classified already has a check mark by the "Add Photo to Classified" box, you will not be able to add that particular photo to your current classified ad since it is already added as a photo on another classified ad.


1. Create a club, click the "Club" tab and then "Create Club". Follow the remaining steps on the screen.
2. Click "Browse Clubs" to view all other clubs, "My Clubs" to see your personal clubs, and "My Club Membership" to see all the clubs you are a member of.

Club Chat

To use Club Chat, you must first create a club:
1. Click "Clubs" from the top menu.
2. Click "Create Clubs" from the second menu.
3. Click "Clubs", "My Clubs", and the title of your club.
4. Under "Chat" on the right side menu, click "Open Club Chat" (once you see that you have members in your club online).

Create a Club

1. Click "Clubs" from the top menu.
2. Click "Create Club" from the second menu.

Delete Classified Ad

1. Click the "Classifieds" tab at the top menu.
2. Click "My Classifieds" at the top menu.
3. Click the "Edit" link next to the classified deleting.
4. Scroll down and click the "delete" button under the "Description" box.
5. Click "delete" again on the next page.

Delete Clubs

1. Click the "Clubs" tab at the top menu.
2. Click "My Club Membership" at the top menu.
3. Click on the club deleting.
4. Click the "Leave Club" link.

Delete Events

1. Click on the "Events" tab at the top menu.
2. Click "My Attending Events" at the top menu.
3. Click on the event deleting.
4. Click "Remove Me from Event Attendees."

Delete/Ignore Friendship

1. Click the "Profile" tab from the top menu.
2. Click the "My Ignores" link on the right side menu.


All eCards are free to send and receive. You may return to the Unity True homepage by clicking the eCards logo at the top left of the page. If this is your first time using the page, click "Join Now" at the top right of the page. After your first use, you may click "Login" to continue sending and receiving eCards. Click "Help" at the bottom of the page for more assistance with ecards.
To advertise your company's banner at the top of the page, please send an inquiry to Please put "ecards advertisement" in the email subject line.

eCards (Create a Photo Album and adding pictures to personalize an eCard):

1. Create account by clicking “Join” on “eCards” tab. You will now be on “My Account” screen.
2. Click the “Home” button at the top of the screen.
3. Select a Category.
4. Click on the actual card you want to send.
5. Click the "My Album" link at the top of the card.
6. Click the "My Photo Album" button on the left menu.
7. Click "Click here to create new albums".
3. Name your photo album. You will also see tabs “My Music”, “My Poem”, etc to personalize these for an eCard.
4. To upload a photo to photo album, click the question mark on the next screen.
5. Click “Click here to upload new photos”.
6. Click the “Browse” button.
7. Once you see all the file names of the pictures you want to add, click “Upload Now” button. Depending on the size and number of files uploading, it may take 3 minutes or more for files to upload, so be patient.
8. Click envelope under “Send this photo” to add that particular photo to an ecard. You should now see your photo on an eCard
9. Click these buttons at the top of screen to personalize the card: “Select Image Effect”, “Select Skin Background”, “Select Stamp”, “Select Music”, “Select Poem”. If you don’t see an image after clicking any of these buttons, look directly under the blank image to see if you need to download Java. If you allow the Java download, but you still don’t see the image, you may need to unblock some securities on the Security tab in your browser settings for Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer etc. After unchecking any blocks, try clicking the red words “Error Click for Details” in the upper left corner and then click “reload” to reload the image, then try the steps again to click other buttons such as “Select Image Effect” etc.
10. Click “Continue Next Step” button at bottom screen to complete steps to send eCard.

eCards (Help)

If you need further help with the use of eCards, please click the "Help" link at the bottom of the "eCards" tab pages.

eCards ("Pickup an eCard")

If someone sends you an email to pickup an ecard, either click the link to see the ecard or use ctrl+c to copy the card id number code and ctrl+v to paste the code at Unity True eCards.
1. On the next screen, you may click the "Reply to Card" button to reply by selecting an ecard to send to that same person or someone else.
2. Click on any ecard that you want to reply with and follow the steps on the screen to personalize and send the ecard.

eCards (“Send Video Card”)

1. Create account by clicking “Join” on “eCards” tab. You will now be on “My Account” screen.
2. Click “Send Video Card” link at top of “My Account” screen.
3. You must use the embed code example below the box on the next screen to type in the video embed code. If using a Youtube embed code, find the video you want to use, and click the "Embed" link under the video to get the correct embed code. In some browsers, you must use ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste the code from Youtube.
4. Click the "Preview" button. If you don't see the video after clicking the "Preview" button, the embed code was not entered correctly.
5. Personalize the card and click the "Continue Next Step" button at the bottom of the screen.
6. Fill in the recipient name and email information on the next screen. You may also add a personal message here.
7. Click the "Preview Card" or "Send" button at the bottom screen.

Edit Profile

1. Click "Profile" tab from the top menu.
2. Click the "Edit My Profile" link on the right side menu.


You may play games on the "Chat" and "eCards" tabs.
eCards: These games are found by clicking the "Games" button in the upper right corner after you login.
Chat: These games are found by clicking the "Play Games" icon just above the box where you type and send your chat messages.

Instant Messenger

To send an instant message to your online friends, click the instant messenger icon at the top right of any of the main pages (next to the colorful "Bookmark" icon). You may only send an instant message to friends who are currently online.

Invite Friend to Video Chat, to Video Blog, to Clubs, to Read Classified Ad

If someone is already one of your friends on your profile pages:
1. Click on that person's picture.
2. Scroll down the page and click "Invite to Video Chat" etc...on the right side menu.

Music Player

If you don't see a music player when uploading music on the "My Music" page, you may have to update the plugins on your computer at before you can see a music player on your computer that will play the music you are uploading. Click "downloads" and install the latest version of Java for free on your computer. It really is a sleek looking music player. Enjoy! Please direct all Java related questions to the Java website.


Please only upload your own copyrighted music. To upload your copyrighted music:
1. Click the “Music” tab.
2. Click the “My Music” sub tab.
3. Scroll down the page to the “Upload Music” section, and upload a music file from your computer.Please only upload music in the formats listed or there may be upload issues. You may upload music from an electronic device or embed a code. Scroll to the bottom page to allow others to rate your music.

My History

My History shows a history of every section you visited on Unity True.
1. Click the "Profile" tab on the top menu.
2. Click "My Network" on the ride side menu.
3. Click the "My History" sub tab on the top menu.
You will not see a history of your activity from the following tabs: "Bible", "Quran", "Paperlip", "Chat", "Auctions", "Q&A", "Scribble", "eCards", and "Videos".


United Hearts for God is an online magazine filled with fun and informative content provided by you, the viewer. You may submit your community article, story, pictures, poems, music, or video (no larger than 350 x 350) to United Hearts for God at All videos must be HD quality and include an article as a video can not be posted by itself here. Please write the type of content submitted in the email subject line (i.e., community article, poem, story, video etc). Anyone submitting content maintains ownership of his own copyright. Your first and last name will be noted as the author of each work submitted.
If you would like to submit an article to be considered for publication, you must include a minimum of 2 exact quotes from the Bible and 2 quotes from the Quran. Doing so will further our cause of sharing interfaith with each other. All articles not adhering to this, will automatically not be published. If you don't have access to an actual Bible or Quran, simply click on the "Bible" and "Quran" tab on unitytrue to search for scripture quotes. Your submitted materials must not be offensive to any religion, race, or nation etc. It must be honest, unique, and edited prior to submission. Unity True staff reserves the right to edit, omit parts of your submissions, or reject them altogether. Unpublished submissions will not be returned. Please do not contact us asking when or if your submission has been published. There is no monetary payment for publication in Paperlip.

Photo Album Upload

1. Click "Profile" tab.
2. Click "Add/Edit More Pictures" link on your actual profile.
3. If you already have a photo under the "Photos" section that you want to add to a photo album, you will have to upload that same photo again by scrolling to the bottom of this page and click "select" on the "Photo Album" field. You can then click the up or down arrow in this field to select the name of the photo album that you want to add the photo to. Next, click the "Browse" button to upload a photo from your computer.

Profile Photo Album

To create a photo album:
1. Click "Profile" on the top menu.
2. Click "Add/Edit More Pictures" link on your actual profile.
3. Under "Photo Albums" section, click "Add Album" link and fill out the information on the next screen.
4. Click "Create/Update" button.
To Edit a Photo Album:
1. Click "Profile" on the top menu.
2. Click "Add/Edit More Pictures" link on your actual profile.
3. Under "Photo Albums" section, click the "Edit Album" link. You may change the name of the photo album here.
4. Click "Create/Update" button.
You may have more than one photo album as “active” when uploading a picture to a photo album. You can make those albums inactive by clicking the “edit” link and unchecking the “active” box on the next page. To make a photo album active, click the “active” box when creating a photo album. Select the photo album you want to use by clicking on the word “select” to highlight it, and then click the down arrow on your keyboard next to the “photo album” field until you select the photo album you want.

Profile Photo Upload

1. After logging in, either click the “Profile” tab or click the url of your profile.
2. Click the “Edit Profile” link next to your name at the top of your profile.
3. Click the “My Photos” link at the top of the page.
4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and upload your photo in the “Upload Photo” section.
5. Scroll up to the top “Photos” section of the page and click the “set as main” link under the photo that you want as your profile photo.

Add Photo to Voting/Rate Photo

1. Click "Profile" on the top menu.
2. Click the "Add/Edit More Pictures" link on your profile. If the photo you want to rate is already in the "Photos" section of the next page, click the "Add to Voting" link under that picture. If you no longer want others to rate your photo: Click the "stop voting" link under the picture in the "Photos" section.
If the photo you want to add to voting has not been uploaded yet, click the "Add/Edit More Pictures" link on your profile, scroll to the bottom of the page and upload a photo from your computer. Then, follow the above steps.


Please type your question under "Online Questions" and click "Next". Please note that the same login used on the home page of Unity True will not automatically sign you into the "Q&A" page; please create a separate login. If this is your first time using the "Q&A" page, fill in all of the information under the "Signup" tab and then click the "Signup" button. If you have already signed up on the "Q&A" page, you may proceed with asking your question by filling in your email and password on the "Login" tab and clicking the "Login" button.


You may click on the "Quran" tab to read the scripture, and research various topics of the Quran. Select the "Translation" dropdown to translate the Quran to another language. Click the "Surah" dropdown to select a different Surah or Chapter and Ayah to select a different Ayat or Sign within a particular Surah. You may also click "Recitation" to select a different Muslim to recite the Quran as this is a benefit to those who are unable to read for whatever reason. Depending on your computer’s upload speed, it may take a moment for the sound files to load. Depending on your browser, you may also have to click allow on a popup on your screen before being able to hear the sound files.


You may click the "Rate" tab, and then "Random Friend" to create a setting by saving a keyword of the types of photos you want to rate. You may click "Top Friend Photos (any gender)" in the right margin to view a profile, send a chat, or send a chat to that person. You may click "Top Friends" to select a rating of friendship interest for men or women.


"Scribble" can be used to create drawings and students can be tutored in academic subjects (i.e., math, science, etc). You may invite others to write or draw on your scribble session by clicking the "Create a new scribble " button or opening up a previous scribble session and then clicking the "Invite people" button. Since the sharing is network based, please expect a minor delay before the shape appears on the screen.
The steps for using the "Scribble" tab are the following:
1. Select any shape to draw.
2. Select the pointer icon to drag.
3. To lock a specific item, click "Lock Item" icon.
4. Drag an item to the Trash (in the lower right hand corner) to delete it.
5. To change pages, click on the desired page number.
6. To see what pages are being used by other users, check the 'Pages being accessed' section.
7. You can add an external image to a “Scribble” session and draw on it. Click the “Insert Image from URL” icon.

Send Voice Message/Video Chat/IM Message

1. Click the "Profile" tab on the top menu.
2. Click "My Network" on the second menu.
3. Under "Browse My Network", Click the picture of the person you want to communicate with.
4. Scroll down the page and click "Send (friend name) an Instant Message"...etc to send the message desired. To see the video chat open, look in the upper left corner of the page.

Upgrade Membership

1. Click the "Profile" link on the top menu.
2. Click the "Home" sub tab at the top page.
3. Click the the "Upgrade Account" link in the lower right side menu under "My Billing History".
4. Select the "Membership Level" and click the "Cancel" button.

Uploading YouTube Video

1. Click "Videos" at the top menu.
2. Click "Upload" on the second menu.
3. Click "Import Video" on the right side menu. Type or paste in your full YouTube video URL beginning with "http://". For example, Click the "Grab Video" button and you're ready to enjoy your video.


On this tab, you will have to upload a different main photo as Unity True members often prefer an opportunity to upload a separate photo here. Your list of friends may also be a different variety here as your videos may attract different friends than the friends made based off your profile at Unity True.

Video & Text Chat (Combined)

Click "Chat" on the top menu to enjoy a combination of video chatting while text chatting.
You can share files and pictures in "Chat" by clicking the globe icon near the text box.
Click in the "Whisper To" box and type in a username for a private chat with someone.
To advertise your business by banner or text in the body of the chat, please send an email with "Chat advertisement" in the email subject line to

Video Player (On homepage, Classifieds, Scribble, and profile pages)

Video too small? To make the video player larger, use your mouse to right click on the video. Next, select " Toggle Full Screen." You may share a video by clicking "Embed" or clicking "Share". To embed the video code, click the icon and then click "Copy Code". If you click the "Share" icon and decide that you do not want to share, simply click the "Share" icon again to remove the "Share" link box off the screen. Unity True can always use new videos to upload. Please submit your original videos about anything that is inspiring, spiritual, funny, political, career-focused, business-related, community news, or just plain cute. You must own the original copyright of the videos submitted. The individual(s) submitting content maintain ownership of their own copyrights. We will do our best to post your videos, and we thank you in advance! Unity True reserves the right to reject any video submitted, and we will not return any files submitted. Please put a brief description about your video in the subject line and email your file (no larger than 30 MB) to

Who Viewed Your Profile

1. Click the "Profile" tab on the top menu.
2. Click "My Network" on the right side menu.
3. Click the "Home" sub tab on the top menu.
4. Under "My Stats" on the right side menu, click the first "View All" link.